Live Connection Stats

The connection data below is taken from our ElephantWiFi managed networks,
these figures show the number of visitors using our guest WiFi solutions.

Connections to date


Avg connections
per day

Avg connections
  per week

Avg connections
per month


Get new insight on visitors

Obtain and access fresh data on customers at your venues (such as age, gender, location, browsing habits, etc).


Generate visitor loyalty

Drive automated loyalty schemes, and encourage
repeat visits to your location via comprehensive
marketing tools.


Get more social engagement

Generate followers on social media platforms, and create and react to email and social media campaigns on-the-fly.



Data collected is completely anonymous and there is no need to logon.

Footfall data

Unlike other system we scan a full 360 degree’s to cover the area 100%

Real Time Stats

Updating every 30 seconds, GEO-Sense really can tell you how busy your venue is

Zone Analytic’s

Visitor Journey and Heatmap reports show you how your visitors move around your venue

Footfall Data

Our GEO-Sense solution measure’s footfall data accurate to 30 seconds.

Our cloud based reporting portal is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is 100% mobile compliant
We give YOU access to YOUR data when YOU need it

The information below has been taken from our live system combining all venues and shows historical stats.
For more information on GEO-Sense please click on the link above

Connections to date

Avg connections
per day

Avg connections
  per week

Avg connections
per month

Mobile Apps

Custom Design

App’s are designed specifically for you and incorporate your branding

iBeacon Technology

Make use of iBeacon to promote your venue or create an interactive user experience.

Loyalty Plugin

Our Loyalty system can be used for an entire venue or independents.


IOS & Andriod compatible

All Apps will be listed in the relevant “store” as well as a HTML 5 version to be used for Windows Mobiles.

Can we help you?

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Our key Industries

Our WiFi based solutions cater for multiple industries & sectors. Below is a random selection of just some of the industries we cater for.
For more information on a specific industry please click on the image, for a general overview of the services we provide and a list of all industries & sectors we support please use the “More Information” link below.

Holiday Resorts & Camp Sites
Holiday Resorts – Camp Sites – Resort Complex Regardless of the size of your Holiday
Hotels & Guest Houses
Hotel & Guesthouse based WiFi   No WiFi!, sorry I won’t be staying at your
Smart Stadiums Connecting a stadium through a WiFi network, incorporating a content-rich Mobile App, ensures
Festivals & Outdoor Events
Festivals & Outdoor Events Need temporary festival WiFi wide coverage? ElephantWiFi can help. Our flexible

Recent Projects

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General WiFi related info & news

Catch up on the latest WiFi related news, views and events.

How ElephantWiFi & GEO-Sense helps Alcester town
Short presentation @ NABMA by Sarah Bassett on behalf of Alcester Town Council showing how ElephantWiFi & GEO-Sense not only
Does additional Footfall sensors increase Footfall counts?
We have long believed that the more Footfall Sensors installed in your town the higher the capture rate, the higher

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