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Our History

ElephantWiFi is actually a trading name of Proximity Futures Ltd. The name ElephantWiFi comes from the original concept of our software platform, our wireless networks never ask you to log back in following the initial connection and just like an Elephant, we never forgot who you are. Due to the popularity of ElephantWiFi and the name being so memorable its become unusual for us to refer to ourselves as Proximity Futures.

Our ElephantWiFi platform was first introduced into the market by our now sister company Intalect Ltd in 2008. Co Directors of Intalect, Rod Rayner & Richard Hamilton have been working in the wireless sector going back as far as 1998 and have a installed, managed and supported projects in every type of industry imaginable. In 2013 they began to specialise in public WiFi and the ElephantWiFi platform benefited from a major upgrade.

Within a very short period WiFi became a major part of Intalect’s business and it was decided to separate it into it’s own company, Proximity Futures Ltd was created in November 2014 with Rod, Richard and Luke Baldock as directors.

In no time ElephantWiFi became market leaders within the Public WiFi sector, installing, managing and supporting a number of towns across the UK. At the end of 2015 we introduced a revolutionary FootFall monitoring solution called Geo-Sense. Not long after the launch of GEO-Sense in March 2016 we launched a Digital Signage service complimenting our GEO-Sense and our ElephantWiFi products.

When Proximity Futures was started, one of the goals was to retain our position of being at the forefront of technology, providing Public WiFi solutions based primarily on customers requirements. A key elements in being able to achieve this is by listening to our customers and developing products based on there wish lists and acting upon the feedback we receive.

If you’re in the market to Capture, Understand and Engage with your customers we know we can help. For a brief overview of how our ElephantWiFi platform, GEO-Sense or Digital signage services can help please visit our Products Overview page, for more detailed information select the individual product from the drop down menu at the top of our website.

We hope you find our website informative and useful, feedback on both our website and the services we offer is always greatly received.

The Directors

Richard Hamilton
Richard Hamilton
Technical Director
Rod Rayner
Rod Rayner
Technical & Business Development Director
Luke Baldock
Luke Baldock
Sales Director