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ElephantWiFi gets Elexon approval

Elexon manage and operate the BSC (Balancing and Settlement Code). This code is used to provide a unique reference to electricity providers to understand and correctly charge for unmetered supplies. Unmetered supply covers the
Love Loughborough

Loughborough gets Guest WiFi & GEO-Sense

ElephantWiFi starts the first phase of implementing Town Wide WiFi covering the Market Square, Market Street, Swan Street, The Rushes and Ashby Square. And implements our revolutionary Footfall monitoring solution Geo-Sense which will help
GEO-Sense Footfall Dashboard

GEO-Sense is alive

After nearly 18 months of development GEO-Sense has been officially launched with our first site going live in Hinckley on the 8th June 2016. ElephantWiFi have deployed 6 WiFi enabled Footfall sensors in and

Stratford-upon-Avon Town WiFi

Stratford-upon-Avon gets Guest WiFi and Digital Footfall Stratford-upon-Avon is well known for its history and attracts huge numbers of tourists every year. ElephantWiFi was asked by the Stratfoward Bid to propose and implement a

Chippenham Town WiFi

Chippenham town gets Guest WiFi, Footfall and Town App for its visitors ElephantWiFi has worked very closely with the newly formed Chippenham BID to implement Town WiFi, Digital Footfall and a dedicated Chippenham Town

Hinckley Goes live with Town WiFi

Hinckley town gets guest WiFi for its visitors Working with Hinckley Bid, ElephantWiFi has won the contract to provide Hinckley Town with a guest WiFi and marketing solution. Visitors will benefit from free WiFi

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