Outdoor Touchscreen Information Kiosks

Outdoor Touchscreen Information Kiosks
Outdoor Touchscreen Information Kiosks

As part of our goal to help Towns & Cities to become “Digital Hubs” we have partnered with a World leading Kiosk manufacturer and have designed an all in one Digital Information Kiosk,
integrating Touch technology for all users to browse “what’s on offer” and “where to find it” Town, City and Venue Information.

Generate Revenues! Why not work with us to help promote your venue by utilising our Content Management software, enabling us to design high end Digital Ads which can generate
revenues for your venue.


WiFi Hotspots & Footfall Monitoring

Range of Outdoor Touchscreen Information Kiosks
Range of Outdoor Touchscreen Information Kiosks

Why not even integrate an
ElephantWiFi Hotspot to allow visitors stay connected while collecting
demographic data. And even integrate a Geo-Sense monitor to count all WiFi enabled devices to collect true Footfall data.


Capture-Digital all in one Digital Signage is designed to capture demographic and Footfall data in real time

Understand -Through our Portal data is analysed, formatted and delivered in easy to understand graphics and charts through Cloud Services enabling easy 24/7 365 day with up to the minute reporting ability

Engage-Communicate with visitors in real time through both promotional Digital Media about the things that really matter to your visitors like “What’s going on at your venue” “How to find information” “How do I find certain exhibits” Using High Definition Ads, enhancing their visit while providing information that’s relevant and up to date.


Digital City Dressing

Empty shop fronts looking tired or making you high street look unloved?

Digital Windows Display
Digital Windows Display

Why not consider renting our
revolutionary Digital Window Displays using our Clear-Screen vinyl allowing reverse image projections to be
displayed right on to the glass.

Our Digital Window Displays instantly transforms your high street giving it the “wow” factor whilst helping to promote both the shop itself with multiple digital images showing what the shop might look like, and help promote the Town/City or Venue

For more information regarding Digital City Dressing please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs

CaptureDigital City Dressing is designed to capture the attention of all your visitors

Understand-Quickly see through visitor interest and responses from the displays what effect this type of technology has on your visitors

Engage-Communicate with visitors by using QR Codes and Voucher offers being displayed