ElephantWiFi Overview

ElephantWiFi is a powerful, secure and feature packed guest WiFi solution that detects all nearby WiFi enabled devices. We provide valuable insights such as how often people visit, how long they stay and how they move around the venue. Think of it as a combination of “Google Analytics” & “Google AdWords” for wireless networks.

Using wireless technology we are able to provide an in-depth view into the demographics of your visitors and then use that data to create automatic targeted marketing campaigns to promote your town or venue.

ElephantWiFi will enable you to influence your customer’s buying behaviour and therefore increase sales turnover and customer satisfaction by implementing and or combining our specifically designed digital solutions.


ElephantWiFi is designed to capture demographic & Footfall data in real time


Through our Portal data is analysed, formatted and delivered in easy to understand graphics and charts through Cloud Services enabling easy 24/7 365 day with up to the minute reporting ability


Communicate with visitors in real time or at any time about the things that really matter to your visitors like “What’s going on in your town or venue” “How to find retailers” “What special offers are available” Using automated push email or SMS technology, enhancing their visit while providing information that’s relevant and up to date.

Customer Insights with WiFi Analytics

ElephantWiFi’s in-built analytics platform provides real‐time customer data and insight. Secure and available at any time, it provides you with a vast array of tools to help you analyse and segment your audience like never before.

Via our online portal, you can access a wealth of information collated from the ElephantWiFi system. Demographic data such as age, gender, location, length of internet use, total amount of users and data usage are just some of the statistics that’s only a click away. This deeper level of analytics will enable you to deploy your marketing messages to the right people, at the right time. Combined with our revolutionary Location Based GEO-Sense Footfall solution you can fully Map and understand how visitors move through your town, city or venue.


Powerful WiFi Marketing Tools

The marketing tools available in the ElephantWiFi portal provide a comprehensive method to monitor and actively promote your business or town. You can tailor your splash (log-in) pages with specific branding and advertising, and the URL redirect page they land on after logging in is also customisable and can even be designed to target specific demographics.

Through an in‐depth analytics package, you can discover a wide range of information about your customers, and segment them to target the right marketing to the right customers – all of which is delivered to them via email.

Why not combine our Town/City Mobile Loyalty App to further enhance your Digital High Street engagement solution and create a real sense of a joined community.


In return for allowing people to connect to your wireless network we ask their permission to collect and retain specific information. This information includes data about the visitor, how often they visit, how long they stay and by utilising GEO-Sense we can even show you how they move about the venue. This information can then be used to enhance the visitors experience or promote the venue by means of targeted messages, to include social media and real time marketing. We do all of this by giving visitors and customers something they want and increasingly expect, “Free WiFi”

Providing WiFi does not have to be a cost to business, embrace the technology and use it to gain a valuable insight into understanding more about your customers.