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Our ElephantWiFi platform is a powerful, secure and feature packed guest WiFi solution. In addition to offering a WiFi connection to your visitors, our platform provides valuable insights such as how often a customer visits, how long they stay and how they move around your venue. The initial connection is enhanced by a captive portal which can be used to promote your venue or display advertising. Authentication is via Social Media or a short form which can be used to provide detailed demographic information such as visitor age, gender and geographical location. All of which is underpinned by the ability to market to customers in real-time as they enter or browse around your store or venue. ElephantWiFi truly is a system that allows you to Capture, Understand and Engage with your visitors..

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GEO-Sense is our revolutionary footfall tracking system utilising Wireless signals. By using WiFi we are able to “tag” visitors with a unique ID and follow their movements around your venue using small, low energy access points. By giving visitors a unique ID supercharges your footfall data far beyond the more conventional footfall systems currently in use today. We are able to not only count visitors, we can also monitor their movements. In addition, by utilising the unique ID, Geo-Sense also captures how often someone comes to the venue, how long they stay, can differentiate between walking visitors and those in a vehicle and display all this data to provide graphical in-depth analytics enabling to really know what’s happening at your venue in Real Time. GEO-Sense requires no sign up, visitors do not have to connect to be captured and the system is completely anonymous.

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Mobile Apps

Our Mobile Apps are designed to not only provide the customer with valuable information but as with all our solutions they allow you to Engage directly with them. Our original App, the Town App was designed as a way to give every business within a town a digital presence, combined with features such as QR scanners, Social Media interaction, Event Calendars, Loyalty systems, Images, GPS guided Maps to name but a few it soon became very popular. We have since developed more specific apps for Tourism and individual events, these apps are often enabled with iBeacon technology and when used in conjunction with our wireless networks gives you the opportunity to stream video & audio direct to the consumer, perfect for venues such as Zoo’s, Museums and concerts.

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Digital Signage & Information Kiosks

Here at ElephantWiFi we fully understand to help a Town or City become a true Digital High Street needs more than just “Free WiFi”
As a true Digital High Street Specialist we are continually developing technologies to help enhance the visitor experience whilst promoting the Town, City or Venue and Digital Media is the next generation format to do exactly that, if it’s done right!
We have now proudly launched a range of Outdoor Touchscreen Digital Information Wayfinding Kiosks, pre loaded with our own custom software package which includes a retail business directory and RRS feed, other options include tourist information and transportation timetables, and when they’re not being used, they can display large screen Digital Adverting to help promote the local businesses. High street Digital Adverting for the local independents!

Why not turn your new Digital Displays in to ElephantWiFi Hotspots and Geo-Sense Footfall Monitors by integrating both options?
Imagine your High Street delivering High Definition promotional content as well as ever increasingly needed visitor information, whilst capturing visitor Footfall information and Demographic data vital to the survival of the High Street?

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